This is a free learner website for helping the learners to get more ideas and exposures on the technologies that they search for. That pretty much means you can use it in any way you want,but you must have to be in the form of grabbing new ideas and concepts.

Errors and Fixes - A Problematic approach

Every programmer will get an error when they try something new or something that is strange for them. Getting errors is easy and solving it in a quick time is a deal. There are several website in the web dealing with errors and dotnetbites is also here to help with some solutions that a real programmer faced.

Interview Questions

Many of them are trying for a new hope or challenge from their current position because of the need of money and also for the stress free environment. For the first thing they need to aquire is to get an offer from other companies,Getting an offer in an IT concern is easy if the communication is good and sound in Technical aspects. In this website we have collected some good amount of interview questions that our colleagues attended in IT companies. we will be keep on posting the interview questions.

Symbol of success

Symbol of success comes from the success in the position they are. Every success comes from the failure and failure becomes experience when it is being rough through the difficulties and achieving the target.